Charge Optimal Health – Strength Training Brisbane

  • 'I shifted 20kg of fat'*

    Give your body what it needs and it will let go of the fat. I shifted 20kg of fat but moreover I changed my life completely because I learnt what to eat, when to eat and why. The education and the positive environment is the secret weapon. I found cooking could be easy and making sure you're prepared is all it takes.
    Fraser, 23
  • 'My energy levels are through the roof'*

    What a fantastic program that not only benefits your physical health but also your mental health. Its made me feel better than ever and my energy levels are through the roof!!! Loving the group walks and the community environemnt which makes keeping on track a lot easier!
    Lauren, 24
  • 'The real upside was additional energy and mental capacity'*

    I was introduced to the health program over the 2016 Xmas break… perfect timing!. The tail end of 2016 saw me struggling for energy and motivation. I was due to head to Japan in Feb 2017 for a back country ski trip which would involve a significant amount of hiking, so i was keen to improve my health. Following the program saw me drop 6kg of fat and maintain my muscle mass. Whilst I enjoy the aesthetic result, the real upside was additional energy and mental capacity to take on day to day challenges with greater ease. Five months down the track I am finding it easy to follow without compromising lifestyle.
    Dave, 42

*Results may vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Charge Optimal Health help with strength training?

Absolutely!. We focus on building a foundation of practical strength that will help you move with ease in a move natural way.

Is strength training your main focus?

Yes. Strength training is a large part of what we do but we also conduct HIIT training, Acqua Fitness classes, Boot Camps, and 1 on 1 mobile personal training.

Do you do home appointments?

Yes. Our boot camp and acquapole sessions are run at Highvale, however we can do individual or group PT or custom sessions anywhere in the Brisbane region.

How much do you charge?

Our prices vary depending on your needs and the service required. We have comprehensive price lists under the relevant pages. Please navigate to the correct page using the menu to check out our various options.

Where should I start?

This depends entirely on your goals. If you’re looking to get fit, healthy and lose weight in a short time, we would recommend starting with private personal training sessions, combined with our health program.
If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have fun and meet new people, our boot camp, health program and acquapole classes will get you in a positive environment where you can develop healthy habits and enjoy some strength training.