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The only provider of Acquapole and Acquabox in Brisbane!

What is Acquapole?

Acquapole is a fun and versatile exercise activity in the pool that utilising a pole. The water resistance allows class members to tone their body, improve their cardiovascular health and joint health at low impact. The Acquapole can also be accompanied with a boxing bag to keep classes interesting and create a more explosive workout.

What is Acquabox?

In Acquabox we take boxing combinations to the water and create an explosive workout. The water allows you to throw punches and kicks without the risk of injury. The extra resistance from the water makes this form of exercise perfect for getting your heart rate up and burning some body fat.

When and Where is Acqua Fitness?

Acquapole and Acquabox classes are held at Carol Bizzell’s Swim School in Highvale, only 5 minutes from Samford Village.

Who Can Do Acqua Fitness?

Anyone can participate in an Acquapole or Acquabox classes, from 10 years old to 90 years old! The water allows participants to be weightless and to conduct movements they wouldn’t normally be able to do outside of the pool.

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