Hi, I’m Keagan

“The thing I love most is coaching someone that is seriously committed to changing the way they move and think.”

I have spent a lot of time dedicated to achieving fitness goals and have come to realise there is a simple practical way to build strength, increase flexibility, gain mobility and improve motor control.

My Background

I’m a former Sniper Team Leader with over 6 and a half years of service and training with the Australian Defence Force. After leaving the army, my body was in bad shape because of the repetitive physical activities I conducted while out in the field. I was so driven to reach my professional goals that I did not take my health into consideration. I know what it feels like to start again on your health and I know it is not an easy journey, but I’d like to help you.

Enquire now

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Why train with me?

I build strong partnerships with my clients and help them understand the importance of having a strong “why” behind their goals.

Personal training is held out of our own private space in Highvale that is purposefully built for bodyweight strength training and movement.

I specialise in:

  • Body weight strength;
  • Mobility and flexibility; and,
  • Simple nutritional coaching.

Contact me on 0438 318 992 for more information or to book a session.




“I want to give a huge shout out to anyone thinking of taking Keagan on as their personal trainer. He helped me get phenomenal results, through his knowledge of the body and how to get the best out of yourself. He is super disciplined and I guess that comes from his military background. From my perspective, the things I learnt around nutrition & exercise were nothing short of mind blowing, and so counter intuitive, who knew you could eat 8-12 times a day and lose body fat and weight at the rate I did.

My results were that I lost 35kgs in 5 months and went from totally inactive to running the Gold Coast marathon. More important than that prior to working with Keagan I was diagnosed as prediabetic, after that time frame I returned to the doctors and had a full blood analysis done, the results were staggering. The doctors comments were actually, “not only have you lost weight, you have been successful in getting healthy” all and I mean ALL of my blood indicators were in the normal range and most in the lower end of normal.

I can’t recommend highly enough the part Keagan played in my transformation, and for that reason and that reason alone I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone looking to not only get fit but get healthy to use his services. I had tried many trainers in the past and I think I have been a member at every gym from Brisbane to the Gold Coast at one time or another, none of which gave me the result or the education a few short months with Keagan provided. Good luck to anyone who chooses to use his service and education.”*
– Wayne

When and Where


Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm

Saturday: 7am – 12pm


6 Messmate Court, Highvale,
Samford QLD 4520

*Results may vary depending on your personal circumstances.